The tales of beedle the bard

I sat down to do work, I did 20 minutes of work, but now I’m hungry.
I gos to get food now.
Work can wait a little longer…

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This made me laugh very much!


Love it!!!

All hail the BOOP!

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Had bit of a crappy day, one things after the other kind of day.. Then I get into town to find it’s 20 minutes until my next bus, so I thought I’d walk to the stop before, half way there a bus goes past me that would have taken me home and wasn’t on the board. I think, fuck it I’ll just go Burger King get a milkshake and by the time I’m back it’ll almost be time for bus.
Wait TEN minutes for one guy in front of me to make an order then it’s my turn
“Oh can’t do milkshakes the machines broken”

Bus delayed by another 3 minutes


As if I didn’t give people enough reason to come along already,
I’ve just got back from Occult Tattoo studio in Worthing who have generously donated, two t shirts, two of Dollys prints and £50 worth of tattoo vouchers, that’s over £70 worth they have donated for my raffle on Sunday 24th which will be held at my all day music fest BEAT IT! at Bar 42, Worthing, to raise money for Sussex Cancer Fund. (Reblogs will be muchly appreciated!)
Trip to sunny Worthing

To occult tattoo studio

Texts between Bessie and me. 
Whose in the next room

Texts between Bessie and me.
Whose in the next room